These are the graphics for Dyrdek's Subaru, which he'll be running in the Gumball.

DC Shoes is proud to announce the creation of a new category of sport for DC: rally racing. This is the first new sport category for DC in five years. From team riders to the staff and founders, people at DC have been car enthusiasts since before the inception of the brand. This new category is the natural extension of that enthusiasm. On the more serious, competitive side, DC is supporting athlete Travis Pastrana, who’s just signed with Subaru to race rally professionally. On a more fun and irreverent tip, DC is sponsoring the Gumball Rally for the second consecutive year.

Initially, DC will support Travis’ racing with marketing and promotion, and will continue to sponsor rally events like Gumball. The for! thcoming DC rally web page will feature updates, info, car specs, videos, and stories. Keep your eyes peeled for product, too!

“It seems like we’ve always been into cars,” said DC President Ken Block. “It’s been a common and consistent theme for those of us who’ve been around at DC since the beginning. Damon, a lot of our riders and employees, and I have always been into doing after-market stuff to our cars to improve the performance and looks of them. Now that Travis is rally racing here in the US, and we’re sponsoring the Gumball rally again, it’s a perfect time to step up our participation in this area.” 
Professional rally racing is one of the most challenging and grueling motor sports in the world. It involves real sports cars on real roads, and pits drivers against the course, the elements, and the clock. Rally cars are unique because they must also be street legal---they’re street licensed and modified for safety and strength.

Courses are usually hundreds of miles of closed public and private roads, which are often unpaved and unforgiving. They’re laid out across vast expanses of land, including deserts, mountains, swamps, streams, rocks, snow, and more.

DC’s Travis Pastrana will race for Subaru in seven rounds of the newly formed Rally America National Championship. Travis’ first race will be the Oregon Trail Rally on April 23-24, near Portland, Oregon.

Illustrated here is Travis Pastrana’s Subaru for the Rally America Championship.

This year’s Gumball Rally, sponsored for the second consecutive year by DC, is set to begin May 14. The race will start in London, loop through Eastern Europe, and finish in Monaco. DC is entering three custom cars, with Rob Dyrdek and Big Black in one and DC co-founders Ken Block and Damon Way in the other two.

The Gumball racers are comprised of celebrities, actors, models, eccentrics, millionaires, and billionaires. In addition to competing against the Gumball’s usual crazy cast, Rob, Black, Ken and Damon will also compete against actor Adrien Brody, Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, and Bucky Lasek.

For more information on rally racing, photos/video, Subaru, and race updates, visit this link to www.rally.subaru.com. To see some great video of the 2004 season, featuring shots of Travis, go to www.rally.subaru.com/rally/videos.jsp.

To get the full history of the Gumball Rally and to see a complete list of competitors, visit this link to www.gumball3000.com

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