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SUD Skates Design a T-Shirt Contest
yeah we know - everyone's got a design a t-shirt contest these days - but let's face it, after 18 years and 40 odd different tee graphics...we're fresh outta ideas. Here's the deal - design a tee-shirt graphic and if we pick yours you'll win a free complete, 7 tees to rock each day of the week AND your name will be printed on the tee for instant fame. All you have to do is draw up an original graphic, logo or combination of the two incorporating SUD Skates then send it in either by email, or drop it off at the shop.


- artwork must be your own original work - it can be a burn or interpretation on another logo (hell, we've done a ton of those!) but its gotta be "different" enough so we all don't get sued

- must be a maximum 5 colors (yeah that's lame but we gotta make it into a t-shirt and each color makes the shirt cost more)

- artwork can be emailed in as a jpg, tif, ai or bmp file - minimum 300 dpi resolution, or original artwork on paper or on disc can be dropped off at the shop

- entry is FREE - enter as often as you like

- DEADLINE to submit is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd at 9pm


- 1st place       - FREE COMPLETE SKATEBOARD of your choice
- 7 t-shirts with your artwork screened on PLUS your name

- 2nd place       - FREE DECK w/ grip of your choice

- 3rd place- FREE SET OF WHEELS of your choice

disclaimer: once you have submitted your artwork you give SUD Skates the permission to use your artwork in any way we feel like - on the website, to impress girls, or to make t-shirts and become instantly RICH and retire somewhere warm with good spots to skate. Either way, your name will always accompany your design, however we retain the right to pretend to be you ...if the above mentioned girls are hot enough.
SUD Skates Design a T-Shirt Contest
complete skateboard + 7 of these tees for every day of the week
free deck + grip
free set of wheels
Our 1st ever design a t-shirt contest was a huge success - the above entries were the winners, but below are the honorable mentions - amazing work - thanks for participating!
Jon French
Jeremy Martin
Travis Bickle
Matt Banfield
Travis Bickle
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser
Kohen Bauer
Kohen Bauer
Matt Banfield
Matt Banfield
Matt Banfield
Wesley Rorison (age 12)
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