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Welcome to the SUD Skates
official website. Est in 1988, it
remains one of the oldest, OG,
skater-owned skate shops in 
North America. 

This site will feature shop and 
team news, new products, some
industry news/gossip/links along
with event coverage, skate camp
dates and everything skate that
is happening or happened in Niagara. The way its always been

What you won't find is mail order
(support your LOCAL skateshop),
athletic or mall brand "skate" 
product, or any shit your lil sister
or gay brother might be into. 

 Niagara Falls Skatepark
St. Catharines Skatepark 
20 years of SUD SKATES in SBC the pic
our favourite banner of the month....
check the full page SBC add
SUD YouTube Channel