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This part of the site is going to cover a wide range of stuff - from the old school Bond Street days right up to the present... you'll see stories and pics from Hydro, the Pit, the Cage ramp, etc... pics and stories from former team, staff, etc...  pro's and demo's from over the years... roadtrips, friends, etc.... but best of all, personal accounts and tales from days gone by, by as many diff names from the past as we can find - kind of a "where are they now" and "what they remembered" kinda deal.

This is gonna take some time to put together, but to me this is the most important part of our site - remembering + documenting everyone that participated, contributed, shed blood and broke bones...the ones who helped define SUD Skates over all these years.

Any pics, stories, memories, etc that you might have and like to contribute - please email me at sudskates@gmail.com

Hydro Ramp - under construction (1st layer on) - 1986
Any pics, stories, memories, etc that you might have and would like to contribute to the site - please email Joe at sudskates@gmail.com
Original store on Bond St - 1988
If you rode, worked or were part of the SUD crew, fill out the online questionaire and we'll get a page up with pics, bio and "where are they now" type stuff. Click this box to get there!

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