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Lords of Dogtown Premier Party
June 7th, 2005
Old and new SUD teamriders and crew alike showed up at the SUD park for a pre-movie skate bash complete w/ authentic old school music blasting... did I really hear SOD?? The session was cool as the new team showed they had earned their place in the heirarchy of things...throwing down a nice mixture of old and new. A bunch of Etnies, Emerica, KR3W and SUD stuff was given away, then at 10 everyone piled into cars and headed to the Fairview Cinemas over 30 deep to catch the flick...and a collective thumbs up was given by all. Afterwards, the party continued back at Kaz's bar where stories were remembered, lies were told and future Old School nights were planned!

notable old school appearances included: JP Thompson, Casciato, Sharp, Jamie Groat, FJones, and Chris Wing

some Lords of Dogtown trivia:
- orig was supposed to be directed by Fred Durst
- Lance Mountain cameo as a Royal Guard
- Jay Adams cameo at Jay's mom's party
- the director was knocked out cold when she fell into the pool during filming
- Lance did all the pool camera filming
- other cameo's included Hawk, Alva, Biniak, Skip Engblom and Peralta
- and the dude that knocks out Alva in the contest is Chad Fernandez
Phil Shore
Chris Foote
Mike Graveline
Mike Carr
Mike Carr
John Bergsma
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