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What should they name the new St. Catharines skatepark?
St. Catharines Skatepark
West 49 Skatepark
Joe McCaffery Skatepark
The Plaza
About  #$%& Time Skatepark

MARCH 2005
It's official - after over 4 years of hard work by the St. Catharines Skatepark Committee volunteers, the City of St. Catharines approved the $250,000 project and awarded VanderZalm and New Line Skateparks to design the park. After several committee meetings, the design will be based on a street plaza format! (see park ) for more pics and info. It will be located at the new 4 pad arena complex (at St. Paul West and 1st Street Louth) and should be completed by June!!

new st. catharines skatepark!
So Seek goes down and the entire team slides over to Alien, except for Colin, who is now justifiably PISSED! The forces that be get Colin on Alien, but the team rebels and Colin is now off...now even more pissed, he and D Way decide to resurrect PLAN B...and add P-Rod and PJ Ladd to the mix...and now you know "the rest of the story"
Colin enjoying the last laugh!
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SK8 Camp
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SK8 Camp
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last updated: 12/13/2010
Longtime skater, and SUD teamrider Mike Carr turned the BIG 3-OH last week....and celebrated with friends and team-mates at a private party in the park last Friday night (March 11) - Happy Birthday Mike!
Anyone looking to get their vert on... CASA will be sanctioning 2 events... 1 in Vancouver on March 26, and in Montreal on April 2. Click here for mo' info
check the April issue of the skateboard mag (the BEST mag since Big Bro)... a whole issue dedicated to the EAST coast featuring many friends from "back in the day" including an article about Chris Hall and a story on the greatest skatepark of all time - Cherry Hill (rip).
nothing beats a hangover like some milk in the morning - and nothing beats a skateboard commercial than a milk commercial...well OK, maybe that's pushing it...but if you've seen the new tv spot, you may recognize some old faces - (you'd expect to see in a Molson add!).. Bokma...Rad Roger (Blinoff), Brent (Jordan) and Lindsey ("Adrift" skateshop)..are the ones we recognized...CHA-CHING!
Couple old school/alumni types tyin the proverbial knot later this summer include Bob'eh (Robinson)....Jeremy (Martin),Tyler (Alexander) and Yard....you can expect to see even less of these guys LOL - just kidding - CONGRATS + GOOD LUCK and see y'all at the Bachelor parties.....!!!
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