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Mini Ramp Contest Results
Sunday March 18

12+ under
1.Austin Unger
2.Tanner Unger
3.Mitchell Henry
4.Cameron Shennon
5.Pheolix Howe

13 - 16
1.Chris Vacca
2.Brent Hanson
3.Brendan Cahill
4.Chris Johnston
5.Andrew Wenkstern

Sponsored Open
1.Jordan Lake
2.Chris Foote
3.John Bergsma
4.Mike Carr
5.Andrew Wenkstern
6.Brad Agler
7.Brent Hansen
8.Josh Thompson
9.Chris Vacca
10.      Matt Deitrick

BEST TRICK  - John Bergsma
Wednesday March 14th
TIE - $50   John Bergsma
$50   Josh Thompson
Saturday March 17th
1pm Session   Tanner Unger
4pm Session   Andrew Wenckstern
Saturday March 10th
1pm Session   Andrew Wenckstern
4pm Session   Kenny Hunt
The 12th annual March Break Madness was another great success! If you went away on vacation you missed huge turnouts all week long. Tons of contests, skate camps, events and free giveaways. Big thanks goes out to all that participated, the judges and all the sponsors - Etnies, Emerica, KR3W, Fallen, World Industries, Zero, Ultimate Distribution and Center Distribution.
John Bergsma - 50-50
John Bergsma - crook
Josh Thompson - feeble
Josh Thompson - FS board to fakie
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