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DECEMBER 27th 2005
L3 Nightclub - St Catharines

SUD Skates shut down 2005 with a bang - celebrating X-mas the best way possible - with 250 of our closest friends! Two seperate parties took place - all ages and 19 + over, both with video premiers (Santa Cruz's "Out There" and P-Rod's "Forecast") along with a special local video and some vintage Wheels and Streets of Fire throwbacks. Free pizza, food and drink specials added to all the fun. John Casciato DJ'd old school hip-hop and punk (did I hear SOD or was it my crown-fueled imagination?). Capping the night off was a door prize give-away that only Santa himself could out-do. Props to everyone that made it out - old and new! Big thanks goes out to Ultimate Skateboard Dist, Etnies, Emerica, KR3W + Scrape by the Lake for all the prizes, SUD staff for all the help and L3 Nightclub's Joe + Joyce for hosting our annual bash.
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