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26 St. Paul Crescent
Downtown, St. Catharines
4544 Queen Street
Downtown, Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Skatepark

The first REAL concrete park in the region is a huge success. Skaters have been packing the place since the concrete hardened. BIG THANKS to everyone that attended all the meetings, the fundraisers, etc. BIGGER THANKS to the Mayor of Niagara Falls, City Council, the MYA, Lori-Lynn Albanese, Bob Bolibruk, Jamie Douglas, Mike Hamilton and the volunteers... w/o the hard work and support from all of you - none of this could have been accomplished!!


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niagara falls skatepark

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Niagara Falls Skatepark Grand Opening
June 18th, 2005
Grand opening day at the new Niagara Falls park was off the hook! Hundreds of skaters showed up to witness the ribbon cutting ceremonies by the Mayor ...and skate the park in front of a ton of spectators and the local media. The SUD team hooked up a quick demo, followed by a special LTD edition 100 T-shirt giveaway. Mike and Joe grilled up over a hundred hotdogs to give out to the crowd. After the official ceremonies were complete a killer session ensued and some serious sh** was thrown down. Except for an unfortunate incident in the bowl (Joe E was tearing a high speed carve line in the bowl and bailed to avoid hitting a kid that rolled in from the street area...in the end a dislocated knee with massive torn ligaments...needless to say, Joe is done for the year) the day was one of the most positive skate events I have witnessed in the area!
Ryan Brown getting his tuck knee on
ltd t-shirt toss
chris foote
chris foote
chris foote
jordan lake
jordan lake
ryan brown
ryan brown
john bergsma
josh thompson
sticker toss
prize giveaways
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free food line
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chris foote
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