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Niagara Falls Park

After only a couple years of pressuring council, the Falls park is ready to go! Official grand opening was June 18th -


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take QEW to Niagara Falls, exit at McLeod Rd, go right to Montrose Rd, turn right...park is 100yds up on the right

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(park is a little more south on
Montrose than the X shows)


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progress pics (from March 2005)
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The Niagara Falls Skatepark is finally finished and is currently being heavily sessioned! And while everyone is busy falling all over themselves to take credit for the first REAL skatepark in the area or to somehow make quick money off it...I gotta say - all politics and BS aside - to be able to stand and look at this park in person almost brings a tear to my eye. FINALLY a park we don't have to drive an hour to get to - FINALLY, A PARK WE CAN CALL OUR OWN!!

To the people that attended the meetings, raised money, volunteered, etc...the MYA, Lori-Lyn Albanese, Bob Bolibruck, Jamie Douglas, city council, the Mayor..and to the City of Niagara Falls WE OWE YOU ALL A BIG THANKS!
click on the pics for larger view
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