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This page is solely dedicated to the SUD Skates team. Bio's, pics, video clips, etc of the present day team, as well as previous "alumni" skate and snowboard team-riders.

This page will also feature demo news, contest results and any media coverage involving the team...as well as links to their sponsors.


name    Julius Di Filippo
nickname:        Hoolio

skated since:    1986

skated for SUD's from:   can't remember

sponsors:        SUD

where you live now?  Toronto

occupation:      Computer Forensics...

you still skate? how often, etc? explain: Once a year.

who was your crew back in the day? 

still see any of the old crew?  no, but would love to hear from them (email me)

marital status:  single

what do you miss about the old days? 
Nothing mattered...could focus on skating day and night.

if you could do it all over - what would you change? Document everything!

what are you into now? Buy low / Sell high, handing out the Ace of Spades,  my 4 cats

fave pro's (all time): Danny Way

fave local skaters:  All the Sud locals.

best SUD team rider - All-Time? Street: Craig Felice, Ramp: Ryan Brown

fave videos (all time)?    shackle me not

all-time 5 song mix tape:
The Cult - Peace Dog
AC/DC - Back in Black
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Alice in Chains – Them bones
White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Motherfucker

favourite memories from back in the day? 
Original Sud mini-ramp sessions.

Driving up to the London competition with Joe and the gang, skating all night and still having enough energy to compete in the morning.

M&J's in Peterborough

Launching at John C's house.

Draining my pool to skate.

email:  julius.difilippo@gmail.com

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