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Gettin tired of waiting, check out the park at this link (see park ) and start planning your lines.           ETA  - SEPTEMBER  2005!!

next time mom comes down on you for wastin away your life skating - show her the newest issue of DUB magazine where P-Rod is featured chillin with his blinged out $150,000 Benz G-Wagen and $70,000 CLK..along with asstd iced out jewelry. Damn.
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last updated: 12/13/2010
know anyone that starts all their stories with "back in the day.."? Well you might want to tell em Powell has re-issued their best old-time sellers...Barbee, Cab, McGill, Mountain, Hawk, Steadham, etc...
The new NIAGARA FALLS PARK is not officially open, but it is FINSIHED and has been sessioned HEAVILY  over the past 3 weeks...with AMAZING REVIEWS! Even better news..police have not been chasing skaters out lately either... check out the more pics here....NIAGARA FALLS PARK 
April Poll Results
"What would you like to see at SUD's?"
34%   - The Roof Fixed
28%   - Skatepark Renovation
19%   - More Pro Demo's
14%    - More Parties
3%    - More Contests
3%    - More Video Premieres
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                                           last month's winner - John Casciato ( Knowledge by Operation Ivy off of their Energy album)
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RANDOM PIC of the month comes from an anonymous St. Catharines photographer in his search for the elusive Bob'eh
1.  pool coping 1.  rain n cold
2. crown royal  2.  90 cents/liter
3.  operation ivy       3.  budweiser
4.  carne esada        4.  montezuma's revenge
5.  white shoes5. dudes what act like chicks

ever watch the x-games and wonder why they include rollerbladers? Apparently alot of people agreed, cause ESPN just axed them from "the games"
May 25, 2005

What's your favourite local public park?
Niagara Falls
Thorold South

  C.A.S.A  VERT results are in and lo n behold, some old (no pun intended) friends of SUD's DOMINATED both events...Barry Walsh won the east.. while Sluggo took it out west. Chalmers, Pragnell, former local Byron Brysko and Raimondo all topped the list...proving once again - old skaters never die - they just skate vert..and good.
Barry W
gets his
vert on
GO SKATE DAY - JUNE 21st...thats right - June 21st is the official WORLD WIDE Go Skateboarding Day...no work, no school, no excuses - just pure SKATE. We're teaming up with Emerica's "WILD in the STREETS" to seriously blow it up that day - stay tuned for details...
the DVS video premiere tour of SKATE MORE is hitting TO on MAY 22nd - venue TBA...check back for details or call up Mo for mo' info
With a new park in the area you're seein alot of older skaters comin outta the woodwork to session it...and you can't hardly blame em - its been a long 15 year waiting - so cut em a little slack ...and something that helps put a lotta sh*t in perspective...Gonz turns 36 on June 1st!
how you like them apples - lil Mark's gonna get PAID - see his new Globe shoes here
check the new DC "Hoops" commercial - DAMN!!
Mike V rules and if you don't believe us - check out his Man vs Skatepark Tour  June 3rd at Common Ground Skatepark
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