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We aren't shellin for a web cam (unless it involves some nekkid girls) but we will be posting ANY progress on the St. Catharines park  right here --------------------------------->
Gettin tired of waiting, check out the park at this link (see park ) and start planning your lines.            ETA  - JUNE 2005!!

So Colin and Danny resurrect Plan B, line everything up with Syndrome Distribution...and file the proper trademark paperwork with the govt...only to find out that someone ELSE has already trademarked the name....in fact, 2 OTHER SOMEBODY'S! First - Globe/World Industries....and 2nd, Mike T's widow (who Colin and Danny paid off years ago for the name). What does all this mean? A whole lotta money for lawyers...and we've been told we should have Plan B decks in             the next month. Anyway,                 check out the
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the new Blind Video - What If...has a hidden section where you can watch the old Video Days video! Go to deck Gallery section 2 click on the 40oz Rudy Johnson deck, then click the left button and the Reaper will appear...hit enter....go back to special features and you'll see VIDEO DAYS! Watch Jason Lee's part and enjoy.
courtesy ThrasherMagazine.com
annual March Madness Mini Ramp contest on March 20, 2005

13 + under
1. Andrew Wenckstern
2. Chris Vacca
3. Zack Ferguson

14 - 18
1. Jay Mattei
2. Jesse Labreche
3. Cody Bale

Open - Sponsored
1. Phil Shore
2. John Bergsma
3. Cory Wilson

Best Trick - Josh Thompson
Best Slam - Mike Day
The April thaw should be gettin the Niagara Falls Skatepark construction back on schedule again. Only a little bit left to pour and she should be ready to session....and from what we've seen, its gonna be one HELL of a SESSION! Check the link for the latest pics..NIAGARA FALLS PARK  
March Poll Results
"What Should they name the new St. Catharines Skatepark?"
28%   - The Plaza
26%   - About %&*$ Time Skatepark
12%   - St. Catharines Skatepark
 7%    - Joe McCaffery Skatepark
 4%    - West 49 Skatepark
Name that Tune - first one to email us the name, artist and album of the music on the intro page - wins a free SUD t-shirt!!
Last month's "Join the Email List" winner of the free KR3W tee was DANNY PHELAN! Congrats Danny - check out this month's prize...
RANDOM PIC of the month comes from Deep Cove BC...where St. Catharines transplant Jamie Watson currently gets his skate on.
1.  honesty      1.  negativety
2.  open-mindedness2.  selfishness
3.  willingness  3.  back-stabbin
4.  power greater than myself   4.  sh** talkin
5.  life on life's terms5.  the past

We Sh** You Not 
anyone remember when skate shoe co's only sponsored skaters? In a move that borders on the bizarre...DC now sponsors Rally Racing??  ....link
April 4, 2005
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click here to have a sneak peak at Appleyard's new shoe on Globe........!
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