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The new St. Catharines Skatepark is DONE! The grand opening took place on Sept 10th - hundreds of people jammed the park during the event. It was pure chaos pretty much all day... and continues to be jammed almost every day since! Big thanks to Mayor Rigby, Ald Carol Disher and City Council, Kathy Moldenhauer, the Skatepark Comittee...and everyone else that donated thier time, efforts and money to make this dream a reality. BIG THANKS!! Click here for pics, info, directions, etc.
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March Poll Results
Who had the best EX shop?
25%   - CYRIL  (note: had 95 votes but 70 came
20%   - footloosefrom 2 computers in TO!)
15%   - slot machine
12%   - sonic
10%    - quesside
8%      - king bros

Name that Tune - first one to email us the name, artist and album of the music on the intro page - wins a free SUD t-shirt!!
                            last month's NAME that TUNE winner was Mike Hammer - Dinosaur Jr's Freak Scene off the Bug album.....yes, the FIX IS IN!!!
Last month's "Join the Email List" winner of the SUD zip hoody was Alex Ellis Congrats!!l - check out this month's prize...

  Fave spot to skate
st catharines park
niagara falls park
sud park
evolushun park
curb in front of your house

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The MUSKA off Shortys - after 10 + years Muska is leaving Shorty's to focus on "new projects" ie: Supra??
DC Qualifyer - June 24th at Evolushun Skatepark in 5 move on to the DC HERE for more details
1. not drowning               1. Bush's DNA 
2. quad finned merrick             2. kids dying
3. sud hockey pool                        3. racism
4. people that kick life's ass      4. loss of loved ones
5. gettin away with murder       5. peanut butter (+ fuck all y'all)

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flink of the month: Skateboarding Sucks
SAD NEWS: he was the godfather of modern skateboarding - Fausto Vitello died last month...he started Indy trucks, Thrasher Mag, Deluxe....RIP
MySpace - for more up to date info and a daily blog - check out our MySpace page HERE...and while your there be sure to add us as a friend - we're very lonely
Come join us on June 21st - for the Emerica "Wild in the Streets". Meet up at SUD's at 4pm and we'll give you the itinerary of barge. Spend GO SKATEBOARDING DAY with a hundred of your closest friends as we ....TAKE BACK THE STREETS OF ST. CATHARINES! click for info
HATE 2 BRAG: but SUD Skates turned 18 yrs old last month - May 1st 1988 was our first day open for bidness. 700 sq ft of shop on Bond Street started it all and 18 yrs later we're still grippin boards. HAPPY BIRTHDAY  TO US!!!!!
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"SUD Team for Life"
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THREE DAYS GRACE: CD release party SKATE BASH - Friday, June 9th, 7-9pm. Free admission - skate the park for FREE...tons of prizes n giveaways - sponsored by SONY/BMG, Etnies and SUD Skates. Click here fo' info
SHRED HUBBA COMP VIDEO: some crazy footy from Shred's DLX Hubba contest...courtesy of Skaters Inc. You heard about J-Law and lilBoog killin it - now watch it yourself.good to see Jordan gettin coverage outside of Oshawa???
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