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The new St. Catharines Skatepark is DONE! The grand opening took place on Sept 10th - hundreds of people jammed the park during the event. It was pure chaos pretty much all day... and continues to be jammed almost every day since! Big thanks to Mayor Rigby, Ald Carol Disher and City Council, Kathy Moldenhauer, the Skatepark Comittee...and everyone else that donated thier time, efforts and money to make this dream a reality. BIG THANKS!! Click here for pics, info, directions, etc.
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                            last month's NAME that TUNE winner was Justin Vasko who was first to email - Bouncing Souls - Here We Go - off their Maniacal Laughter album.....
Last month's "Join the Email List" winner of the Emerica New Era cap was Cory Dalpe Congrats!!l - check out this month's prize...
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YouTube of the month: RIGHT HERE
Birdhouse + Lakai video premieres - dates TBA
Jordan Lake, Mike Carr and Andrew W killed it at the Beaver Has Landed comp at Hustler Skateshop
Lil A-Dub kicked ass during the Jack of All Tricks series this summer  - click
check this trailer out for the EA SKATE game....DAMN!!!!
new SUD "Team Issue" decks just arrived - if you skated for SUD Skates in the past 19 years - your name is on the board. US pro wood - $59. If your name is on the deck - you get a "special" price!
Annual SUD Skates Grape + Swine party week - Friday, Sept 21st to Sunday Sept 30th.
First we have a HUGE from $19.99 + up to 50% off ....basically tons o good deals you don't wanna miss. Did we mention we have ALTAMONT in stock...and going on sale? I guess we just did...On FRIDAY SEPT 28th we're having SUD team tryouts starting at 5pm at the St Catharines Skatepark... then moving to part 2 at the skatepark in the shop at 6:30...with team party to follow. Best of all its all FREE! Then on SATURDAY, SEPT 29th - Parade Day means BBQ and PARTY all day long at the shop...starting at noon..DON'T MISS OUT!
We lost a good friend and skateboarder - Rob Piontek was killed last month by a hit and run truck here for facebook tribute... Gonna miss you holmes
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