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The new St. Catharines Skatepark is DONE! The grand opening took place on Sept 10th - hundreds of people jammed the park during the event. It was pure chaos pretty much all day... and continues to be jammed almost every day since! Big thanks to Mayor Rigby, Ald Carol Disher and City Council, Kathy Moldenhauer, the Skatepark Comittee...and everyone else that donated thier time, efforts and money to make this dream a reality. BIG THANKS!! Click here for pics, info, directions, etc.
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March Poll Results
Fave spot to skate?
35%   - St. Catharines Park
22%   - curb in front of your house
20%   - Niagara Falls park
15%   - downtown
8%    -  SUD park
Name that Tune - first one to email us the name, artist and album of the music on the intro page - wins a free SUD t-shirt!!
                            last month's NAME that TUNE winner was F.Jones - Cockney Rejects's Oi! Oi! Oi! off their Flares + Slippers  album.....
Last month's "Join the Email List" winner of the KR3W reynolds jeans was Jon Henderson Congrats!!l - check out this month's prize...

Worst trend ever
tall tees
tight pants
flags on cars
heelie shoes
classic rawk in sk8 videos

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Cheese + Crackers - upcoming video featuring miniramp mayhem by none other than Daewon and Chris Haslam
How NIKE conquered skateboard culture...damn!
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FEAST TOUR: in case you happened to miss Flip's FEAST TOUR and all the craziness that went along with it - check this video and really feel like sh**
MySpace - for more up to date info and a daily blog - check out our MySpace page HERE...and while your there be sure to add us as a friend - we're very lonely
ETNIES 20th B-DAY BASH - Paris France: Etnies celebrated its 20th last month in Paris with a huge red-carpet bash that included the likes of Natas,  Sal Barbier, Jason Lee, and Dune..along with the entire current Etnies team 
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yeah we know - everyone's got a design a t-shirt contest these days - but let's face it, after 18 years and 40 odd diff tee graphics...we're outta ideas. Here's the deal - design a tee-shirt graphic and if we pick yours you'll win a free complete, 7 tees to rock each day of the week AND your name will be printed on the tee for instant fame. Email your designs here, or drop off at the shop. Click for rules here.
ALTAMONT - new skate clothing company owned by Andrew Reynolds...check it here
DC Regional Qualifiers are happenning and at the recent comp at Evolushun in Hamilton - SUD's own John Bergsma (2nd) and Jordan Lake (3rd) qualified to move on to the Ontario finals at Iceland - on Saturday July 23
crazy ass world record jump? click here......
Huff speaks some truth
WILD IN THE STREETS: on June 21st we celebrated Go Skateboarding Day by joining forces with Emerica's Wild In the Streets - and 100 of our closest friends... check here for pics, video and story
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